6 Practical Resume Tips – John Smith Case Study

Introduction: This article contains resume-writing tips that have been developed from a real-life example. The personal and identifiable information contained in the following documents including gender, name, contact information, names of previous employers, locations, etc have been changed to preserve our client’s anonymity. The purpose is to share our experience with our clients, to help […]

Surplus Laboratory Glassware

Teachers, student, scientists (mad and sane alike), and anyone with a knack for chemistry or biology just has to check out a surplus laboratory glassware auction. It's the only place where you can find unbeatable deals on all your laboratory glassware needs. The best part is many of these surplus laboratory glassware auctions are available […]

Talent Management, Acquisition and the Importance of Role Consultancy

Introduction In all businesses today, aligning human resource management with business strategy has become an important element to succeed. Organisational restructuring, managing key resource requirements, performance management systems, career and succession planning have all been re-aligned to form synergy with the company’s overall business strategy. With increased competition, changing workforce demographics, talent shortages and increased […]

The Strategic Use of Information Technology

TEACHER: Hello, Student. What do you know about Information Technology (IT)? STUDENT: Well, I know that most software is full of “bugs”! By the way, why are these errors in programs called “bugs”? TEACHER: Computer “bugs” have been around since malfunctions in a 1945 Mark II were blamed (facetiously) on a moth trapped in a […]